About the Paintress

I am the paintress Trine Røssevold who lives, works and exists on the windswept west coast of Norway.

I paint people looking inside themselves. Innside they might see an icon, a bird or a puppet. They might see a role they are taking on, or somebody looking exactly like themselves. In other words; we are looking at classical paintings with a sprinkle of Surrealism. 

I put the paintings in a context which relates to the subject matter of the pictures. The images, colours, lines and composition of paintings respond to surrounding locations as much as anything else.  My upcoming exhibitions will be in hotelrooms and cityhalls. 

Photo: Rhys Jones


Trine Røssevold (b. 1970)
I was educated at DJCAD, Dundee, Scotland (1990 -1995) and at Akademie Der Bildenden Künste, Wien, Austria (1996 - 1997).

Membership: NBK, BKMR, (Norwegian artists associations)

I have been working as an artist since 2000 and have had a number of solo exhibitions through the years. My main solo exhibitions are:
2021     The way i see it, Retrospective exhibition, Valderøya, Norway
2020    Pace,  Ålesund, Norway
2019     I believe, Ålesund, Norway 
2017      Underground, Ålesund, Norway
2012      Ego II, Galleri Ramfjord, Oslo, Norway
2011       Ego, KMR, Møre & Romsdal Art Centre, Molde, Norway
2010      Promised land, KUBE art museum, Ålesund, Norway
2005     Apparently, Aalesunds Kunstforening, Norway

Please see my CV for the complete list of groups exhibitions, grants, awards and commissions.


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All photographs on this site are credited to Trine Røssevold unless otherwise specified. The front page is the exception to this. Photographs here are credited to Ingeborg Refsnes, Bent Erik Myrvoll, Rhys Jones and Trine Røssevold.

Photo: Rhys Jones

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