Photo: Mateo Røssevold Christensen

Festival artist Høstscena 2022

Thrilled to be the festival artist at Høstscena in Ålesund. Big, big. Høstscena is an annual arts- and performance festival in Ålesund that takes place during the last week of September.  Link to Høstscena website .  As the festival artist  I  am responsible for the opening of the festival in Parken kulturhus, Foajeen on the 28th of September. My work is a large scaled exhibition of painted mobile installations suspended from the ceiling,  a booth for Penance and a Boxing match. The  theme for the  festival  is  The work of hands, and my work relates directly to this.  I have chosen the title Prophecy for my work.  You can read more about all this here
The work is documented by video here

The way I see it

After 20 years as an artist I look back over my shoulder through a retrospective exhibition showing work from my first solo-show in 2001 untill today. I have also added some works from my years as a an art student (1990 - 1997). All though it is intersting for me to se all this work together I am really doing this to celebrate my 50 years on the planet.  The exhibition is set up on the island where I grew up and where I now live and have my beautiful studio.  For me this is also a way to let my fellow islanders to get to know my work more in depth. It is the attempt to become a prophet in my own land.
You can see the whole exhibition in this lovely film made by my talented son Mateo Røssevold Christensen. 


An exhibition of paintings, words and concrete
Seven days in  March 2017 in the underground tunnel connecting Ålesund city hall and Ålesund Bus Station.
The exhibition was open to the public night and day.
Every day at 12.00 and at 19.00 texts was performed in the tunnel, next to the paintings.

See pictures from the event here

Photo: Lina B. Røssevold

Trine Røssevold works in the field of contemporary painting. The paintings are based on the tradition of classical oil paintings in which both portraits and still lifes are present.

© Trine Røssevold / BONO