The Others

Camouflage, oil on canvas, 150 x 150 cm

The Bishop

The Bishop had a difficult time when she started her job here. The problem was her gender. A leader of the region´s independent churches said he would not shake her hand if he met her.
Some years later I painted her as a part of a portrait project. She posed for me wearing the tracksuits given to asylum seekers when arriving in Norway. She was firm, kind, engaged, sincere and brave to pose for me.
Another few years went by and The Bishop refused to ordain a young female priest who had just gained her first job at a small parish. The problem was her nature. She was married to a woman.
This is when I thought The Bishop should get out of her house and into the streets. In the street exhibition her blessings can reach everyone who passes by.   

The Bishop, oil on canvas, 90 x 180 cm
Exhibited with her back to the independent church, and her front to the town prison. Photo: Bent Erik Myrvoll

Exhibition at roadworks Photo: Ralph Christensen

Exhibition at Kube Art Museum. The portrait gallery

© Trine Røssevold / BONO