The Self / The I

The series The Other, all oil on MDF, 50 x 50 cm

When do I become you, or we become they? What is the difference between us and them? In the series Kind I have used a mirror to search for others. The series is expanding. There are a lot of us. 

The paintings The Other and Camouflage on display in a barn at Bakketunet in Bjørke, Norway, which is more than 400 years old. The first Norwegian who emigrated to Seattle in USA came from this farm. National and cultural identity appear to be present in this place but this all depends on who you are! 

Self portrait

After L F, oil on canvas,170 x 120 cm

In 1981-83 Lucian Freud painted his Large interior. This painting is inspired by another painting: Pierrot Content by Antonie Watteau (1684-1721). My After L F is a homage to painters: The tedious, complex, introvert, self-doubting, rewarding and lonely process of making a large interior painting. 

© Trine Røssevold / BONO